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New code and new bio

Thursday 6แต—สฐ July, 2017

Bio update, photography and kit

I've updated my bio pages with some notes on my photography and the equipment I use. I plan to expand the photography section in the coming weeks.

WebDoxy superscript enhancement

WebDoxy can now work-around the Doxygen superscript problem. I've logged an enhancement issue and committed the code change:

This closes issue #6 - Option to use either HTML or Unicode for Journal date suffixes

The use of HTML or Unicode or date suffix is controlled by a new configuration option:


  • true - use HTML <sup>...</sup>
  • false - use Unicode characters.

Note that this only applies to new pages, created with WebDoxy --journal

Code Structure

The suffix code is now a bit smelly:

  1. There are many date related functions in class JournalPage.
  2. The JournalPage class has grown to over 200 lines of non-comment code.
  3. An if test selects between the output behaviours.

Some refactoring may be called for. Smells 1 and 2 might be addressed by moving date functions into a new class. Smell 3 hints that a subclass might be needed.

Currently it looks like this, where the "boring stuff" includes calls to various date related methods:

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