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Fixing Doxygen

Tuesday 4th July, 2017

Speech marks fail in a table

I may have found another bug in Doxygen. I'm going to have to spend some time in their bug database.

Double-quotes have a special meaning in Doxygen, they enclose an unformatted text fragment. Doxygen allows double-quote escaping via \". Their behaviour in table does seem strange though.

Using speech marks in a table column produces odd results:


The fix is to replace quotes with the corresponding character entities. e.g. use ” instead of ". It's interesting that Atom's previewer for GitHub markdown renders the problematic table correctly, without using character entities.

I'm constantly switching between the BitBucket, Doxygen and GitHub flavours of markdown, and get tripped up several times a day. I may have to draw up a "cheat sheet".

Doxygen Sites on Small Screens

I've experimented with a Doxygen web site on a variety of devices and screen sizes:

Device Screen Size Orientation Browser OK?
Galaxy Note 10.1 10.1” Landscape Firefox Mobile
Galaxy Note 10.1 10.1” Portrait Firefox Mobile
MS Surface Pro 2 10” Landscape Firefox
MS Surface Pro 2 10” Portrait Edge
Galaxy Note 2 5” Landscape Firefox Mobile
Galaxy Note 2 5” Portrait Firefox Mobile

The only definite fail was on my old Note 2 phone. The site was unusable in portrait orientation, due to the side navigation bar. So I tried viewing the same page on a desktop browser, and varying the window size. The site does respond to size changes in a reasonable way, but only if the size changes after it's displayed. If I resize the window to be really narrow it's fine... until I hit refresh or click a link.

I'll investigate further and report back. I'll also try a few more browsers, and maybe dig out my Nexus 7. I should also try the Surface Pro 2 in portrait orientation.

Interesting web pages

MarkDown and static site generation



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