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Monday 3rd July, 2017

Web Hosts and Platforms

I'll be changing hosting providers at the end of the year. It's been a long time since I looked at alternatives, and the landscape has certainly changed. I'm currently on a re-seller agreement, that allow a lot of flexibility. e.g. unlimited domains, sub-domains and e-mail addresses. That's great, and was something I used heavily at one point. I no longer need such an industrial solution, but I would like something a bit less restrictive than typical packages.

Doxygen theme

The off-the-shelf theme is very simple. On the plus side it's lightweight and clean. The down-side is that it's not optimised for mobile use. It's fine on the desktop. There are a few projects that claim to integrate Bootstrap into Doxygen's output. I'm not impressed with those I've seen. Doxygen allows custom CSS, HTML and JavaScript; so surely it's not that hard? Re-working the look-and-feel is on my list; it'll will be a while before I get to it.

Creating Test Data for Doxygen

I've been writing code that manipulates markdown files before Doxygen sees them. This is implemented with a combination of stand-alone tools, like WebDoxy, and small scripts that plug into Doxygen's filter mechanism. I found I needed a lot of nested pages to properly test the code.

I've added a WebDoxy command to generate these test pages. Yes, WebDoxy can now generate its own test data.

The following command adds 90 skeleton journal pages to the test project:

e:> WebDoxy -j -n90 test

As the daily pages span three months WebDoxy also creates monthly pages and adds the daily pages as sub-pages. This will save me a lot of time.

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