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Saturday 1st July, 2017

Committing code closes the bug. Nice!

With some careful crafting of the commit comment you can persuade BitBucket to close the bug when you push the change set.

e.g. I used this commit message for issue No. 2:

This fixes issue #2 - Daily page for the 30th has suffix of "Huh?" instead of "th".
1. Added 30 to the switch statement.
2. Throw an exception, via, in the default condition.

The phrase "fixes issue #2" tells BitBucket to:

  1. Mark the issue as closed
  2. Add the commit message as a comment to the bug report.
  3. Include a link to the change set in the bug comment.

All that and you can also use markdown in the commit message. Brilliant! I wish all repositories could do that; it would've saved me a huge amount of time, over the years.

Daily page title has '0' prefix on date

The command WebDoxy -d on any of the first 9 days of a month produces a page title similar to: Saturday 01st July, 2017. i.e. there is a superfluous zero before the day number.

Logged as issue No. 3 in the bug tracker. I haven't investigated this yet, but I'm hoping it'll be a trivial configuration change. I'm making heavy use of Groovy's ConfigSlurper, and trying to put "constants" into configuration instead of in the code.

Fixed: see Sunday's post.

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AsciiDoc and JavaDoc

AsciiDoc is interesting but appears obsolete. e.g. mentions of the source code refer to Google Code.


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