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WebDoxy Skeletons & Fonts

Monday 26th June, 2017


Changes to Generated Diary Page

Modified JournalPage.groovy to add an "Interesting web pages" header 2 section to the body of generated journal pages. It contains a "Tweets", at header level 3, with some tweet templates. The tweet template is read from config.groovy

if a tweet uses '<3', as a heart symbol, then Doxygen interprets the '<' character as the start of a HTML tag (I think), which prevents subsequent markdown from being processed within that text block.

Default font

I'd prefer the default font to be bigger. I like to view it with a 200% zoom, so that'd be a good starting point. But everything else on the page seems to scaled relative to the body text font, so just changing that causes other things to be too large. e.g. the project name. Also the line height needs to increase with the font. This needs further research and experimentation.

Tim Brown's article on A List Apart looks interesting.

Dudley Storey has some interesting articles and tweets. e.g. he mentions a method of converting RTF files (via Microsoft Word) into markdown files.

Interesting web pages

CSS & Typography


DNA replication explaining Lagging/Leading strands and the dun thing to say... Okazaki Fragments! <3 #Science – Tweet via @ScientistMel

The above tweet has an interesting animation.

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