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Doxygen alignment, BibTeX & Indexing

Sunday 25th June, 2017

Dot and PlantUML diagram alignment in Doxygen

Dot and PlantUML diagrams are centered in the generated HTML.

The following CSS, in myStyle.css, will left-align them:

text-align: left;
text-align: left;


Atom thinks that "centered" is a spelling mistake, and suggests "centred" instead. Odd. I checked with Outlook 2016 and it agrees with Atom. Very odd! Various online dictionaries agree with my spelling. Adding the correct "centered" to the Office 2016 dictionary does not change Atom, so it's using its own dictionary. It's interesting that telling Outlook to look-up "centered" shows the correct definition, and spelling, in the side-bar.


This reference guide lists the standard BibTeX entry types, e.g. article, book, booklet etc.

It also has a list of the Most common fields used in BibTeX.

Doxygen -- Latex Indexing -- Collaboration

Based on the generated Doxygen 1.8.13 make.bat. Almost all 'spot' colours are from this palette, created with Adobe Color CC.

Interesting web pages

Colour choice


Boating Tweets

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No mistakes from @EmiratesTeamNZ, as they sail to victory in Race 5 of The America's Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton #AmericasCup – Tweet via @americascup


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