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Doxygen and Atom

Wednesday 21st June, 2017

Doxygen superscript

Superscripts in Doxygen markup is via the html <sup> ... </sup> mechanism. I assume this also works in the GitHub flavour, as Atom's Markdown Preview package previews it correctly.

Rather oddly superscript works in headers designated with preceding # marks, but not with the \section command.

Doxygen sub-pages

A sub-page appears in the PDF as a top-level section within a chapter. So neither Doxygen pages (PDF chapters) or sub-pages correspond to actual pages in the PDF output.

Project tagging

This, work-in-progress, project needs to import tags from other projects. That way I can reference them in my working notes. e.g. the Doxygen page is referenced constantly, but doesn't currently generate links.

This now works.

I added this line to @Work-in-Progress.cfg:

TAGFILES = output/draft.tag=../draft

and the corresponding export line to draft.cfg:

GENERATE_TAGFILE = output/draft.tag

This is based on my investigation from a day or two ago.

I should consider importing tags from all other projects into the @work-in-progress project.
The draft tag file includes tags from both the draft project and from the live tag file that it imports. So the @work-in-progress project doesn't need to import live. Doing so would cause Doxygen to output "Duplicate anchor" warnings for every entry in the live.tag file.


[doxygen] live.tag:52: warning: Duplicate anchor Citations found
[doxygen] live.tag:52: warning: Duplicate anchor UrlProblems found
[doxygen] live.tag:52: warning: Duplicate anchor title-tab found

Project Interaction

Atom date & time stamps

Inserting the current date / time via a keystroke require an add-in; either a JavaScript snippet or an installed package.

pub-server is a free static site generator
Next step Find out if the Atom editor can work with BitBucket / Mercurial, or is it limited to GitHub?
  • Looks like there are a couple of Atom packages for this.

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