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Doygen page order & Groovy ranges

Tuesday 20th June, 2017

Doxygen Page Ordering

I now understand how page ordering can be manipulated, at least for top-level pages.

Next step will be to see how the sub-page order can be changed.

While experimenting with the ordering I created a small Groovy script, PageCreator.groovy, which creates skeleton pages. This may also be useful in investigating sub-page activity.

Groovy Ranges

While developing this I got slightly side-tracked into investigating Groovy ranges. I'd wrongly assumed I could use:

['a'..'e'].each { }

This doesn't work, as it's a collection with a single range object. The range can be used directly, via

('a'..'e').each {
println it


for ( x in 'a'..'e' ) {
println x

Doxygen Citations

I now have DoxygenCitations working, via \cite and .bib BibTex files.

Next step is to wire up the various WebDoxy projects to generate and import the tag files.

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