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I've been messing around with cameras since my school days. Over the last five years I've started taking it seriously.

I've been using digital cameras since 2007, and film cameras before that. I'm creating around 8,000 frames each year. That's a lot of photography. One advantage of spending this much time behind a camera is that it focuses the mind on what I should be doing (pun intended). When you have hundreds of rhino photos on file then why create another? That huge archive of work makes me question the direction I'm going in with my photography; this is a good thing. I enjoy the process of taking the photographs, and it's a great excuse to get out and do stuff. But, for me, it needs to be more than just a good walk with a camera.

Many photographers have an obsession with the equipment and technicalities. I'm more interested in the artistry, concept and process. I've kept with the same photo gear for the last three years. It can be an expensive hobby; I'd prefer to spend money on travel and experience instead of "gadgetry".

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