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These are the random ramblings of Terry Ebdon, a photographer, traveller and software developer. In these pages you can follow my journey to appreciate the world and improve my skills. I'm travelling as often as possible, for both work and pleasure; compulsively photographing the world around me. When not indulging in those pleasure you can often find me reading fiction, mainly SF & fantasy, or learning something new via a text book or an online course (mainly / LinkedIn Training). Very occasionally I'll dig out my soldering iron or fire up my amateur radio transceivers. My studies tend towards art, biology people skills and (of course) software development.

I've been writing software since I was 13, when I began Computer Study lessons, at school. I quickly became hooked, it really is addictive. That's part of the reason I now spend a lot of time on other things. Of course I, inevitably, find a need to write a "quick program" to solve an electronics or photo issue, assist a biologist with their awk script or help a local charity out with app development.

You'll also find me hanging out on twitter, networking on LinkedIn and developing software on Atlassian BitBucket. Some of my very old photographs are on Flickr – my recent photography is a lot better though! You'll have to trust me on that, at least until I find time to update my Flickr photostream.

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Find me on coding on BitBucket, networking on LinkedIn and hanging out on twitter.