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Welcome to Ebdon.net. This web site has a strong technology bias, and is intended to be both dynamic and content rich.

This web site is owned by Terry Ebdon and currently contains 128 pages, but this is slowly increasing; I general add a few pages every month. I work in the software industry to pay for my expensive hobbies - including Amateur Radio, Photography and reading vast quantities of books. Yes, I know... none of these activities need to be expensive, but that hasn't stopped me spending a small fortune on each of them over the years.

My Amateur Radio logs are at Ei9iw Log Book, and this site is also a home for my blog.

I also run a "Link Blog" site at links.ebdon.net. The link blog is updated on most days with lists of various web sites that I find interesting or useful along with a very brief commentary. My more detailed ramblings can be found in the Web Log (blog).

Monday October 17th, 2005

AmateurRadio classes in Co. Mayo; Knock Rally news; Radio news.

Thursday February 24th, 2005

Review of Love Is The Killer App, by Tim Sanders.

Sunday September 26th, 2004

Tuesday September 14th, 2004

Thursday September 9th, 2004

Down-loading real audio files for off-line listening

Following on from Tuesday's post I've been asked how I down-load real-audio files from the BBC for off-line listening. Here's how.

Tuesday 7th September, 2004

I was asked today if any one still used Amateur Radio. My response was to point out the work of the various emergency services which rely on amateur radio. I discuss amateur radio's role in terrorist incidents, natural disasters etc. in this article on emergency communications.

The 2004 Leicester Amateur Radio Show - I'll be there, how about you?

Perceptions of Microsoft - is Microsoft as bad as it's painted?

Monday 9th August, 2004

QSL.net Creaking at the Seams?

Yet more problems at qsl.net. On August 2nd it was giving database errors, but today it just disappeared completely for a while. It's back now, but for how long? Is it creaking at the seams?

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Monday August 2nd, 2004

QRZ.com back but QSL.net in trouble?

The problem with detailed web-server error messages.

Fortunately Friday's problems at QRZ.com seem to have been transient, but now QSL.net pages are generating errors. e.g. if I look for G4FOX or MM0LSB I get errors similar to this:

Warning: Sybase error: Database 'Hydra' cannot be opened 
  due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space.
See the SQL Server errorlog for details.
 (severity 14) in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/medusa/functions/db.inc on line 30
Error. Could not execute selAffiliate404 @affiliate_id=10186,
 @http_referer='http://www.qsl.net/mm0lsb' due to: Could not find stored procedure '%.*ls'.

As far as I can tell this only happens if the page doesn't exist; the error is encountered when the site tries to serve a custom 404 error page with advertisements / affiliate links. It is a bit worrying though, for several reasons. As well as the obvious questions about resilience and capacity planning, giving this kind of detailed error message to a non-local user is potentially opening up a security hole. Now obviously I'm not going to spell out the possible vulnerabilities in detail, but just looking at the error message should get any security conscious web master worried. This is one area that Microsoft seem to have got right with IIS and .NET (QSL.net appear to be running Apache). IIS will only give detailed error text to a remote user if it's been told to, by default it gives detailed errors to local users and the briefest of information to remote users.

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Friday July 30th, 2004

QRZ Database Down

The QRZ callsign database appears to be out of action. The web site's still there, but every one I look up is flagged as "not in our database". Obviously I've tried looking up my own callsign, as well as EI6IZ and EI7IQ; they all should be listed but they're not. There's no mention of this problem on e-ham.net, so hopefully it's just a temporary glitch. But the QRZ forums are down as well - oh dear!
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Saturday 26th June, 2004

Wiki Thoughts

Operation of a Large Scale, General Purpose Wiki Website - Contains some fascinating stuff, particularly in regard to geographic and chronological wiki searches. The brief wiki history and description of their own wiki is also interesting. I like his thoughts about meta-data. His discussion of the "comma count" as wiki page metric is new to me, but might be worth following up. Lars also writes that "In the case of a combined website that might feature both a wiki, a weblog and static contents, the same search function should cover all contents available on the web." which is a great idea, but not always easy to implement.
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